How do you get paid ?

Our main source of income comes from commissions paid by mortgage providers and insurance companies. We bill our clients a fix fee of CHF 790.- per file (see : Services)

Why go through a mortgage broker ?

To centralized your loan request, and avoid having to seek offers from multiple mortgage providers directly. You will save time and energy by going trough us.

How long does it take to obtain a firm offer ?

We are fully aware that reactivity is expected by our clients. It normally takes 48-72 hours to get an offer. We have been able to obtain offers in less than 24 hours when needed !

Can I work with different mortgage brokers for the same purchase ?

We advise against such process. Once a loan request has been made with a provider, we will not be able to approach the same provider for the financing of the same property.

What do I need to do once I have entrust you ?

We will seek, find, and present to you the options at your disposal. Your role will be to make the decisions that suit you the best.

Who do you provide services for ?

To any person seeking a mortgage loan or looking to refinance in Switzerland, for a minimum amount of CHF 300k.

How are you able to obtain such attractive offers ?

Through our large group of network.


We work closely with banks, insurance companies, and pension funds on the daily, which makes us knowledgable about the market and who to seek a mortgage from, depending on your situation.

Why should I work with Hypo21 SA ?

You probably have come to us because we were either recommended to you by friends or real estate professionals.


Trust them, and decide if you’d like to work with us after the 1st meeting (free of charge and no obligation).

What are the documents you'll need to request a loan on my behalf ?

We will need the documents justifiying your finances (tax return, pay slips, salary certificates, etc.).

Regarding the property itself, we will contact the seller(s) or realtor directly.

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