First meeting


No fees and no obligation

During the first meeting, we will assess your situation as a whole. We will review how the mortgage system works in Switzerland, what your assets and income allow you to buy, how you will be impacted tax wise, which strategy to put in place in order to be tax efficient, and how your monthly budget will look like once homeowner(s).


The goal is that by the end of the meeting, you’ll have a very clear view about all of your possibilities.


Seeking a mortgage and establishing the strategy


Fees CHF 790.- all included, satisfied or refunded*

Once you have agreed to appoint us, we will negociate with our many partners, and will come back to you with the best loan offer(s) on the market. During a second meeting, we will present the options that are available to you, and will put in place the most efficient mortgage strategy.

*If after buying your property you are not a 100% satisfied with our services, send us a letter or email letting us know, and we will not charge our fees

Follow up and administrative management (new purchase)


We will assist you throughout the whole buying process : we will be in touch with the real estate broker, will review the mortgage contract as well as the draft of the notary selling contract, will communicate directly with the notary and will be on your side for the signature of the selling contract, will make sure that all the funds are paid on time, etc.


Even once the transaction is done, we will still be at your disposal for any information needed.


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