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You have found a property that you want to buy ?

Whether it is a main residency, a vacation home or a investment property, we will guide you throughout the whole buying process.


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Buying a property is often a life project. By implementing the right strategy from the get-go, you will be able to save, year after year, thousands of CHF.


From choosing the right assets to come up with for the down payment, to setting the most efficient tax strategy, our advisors will explain to you the best solutions.


of swiss residents are homeowners.

As former bankers, we have developped many trusting relationships with our different partners (banks, insurance companies, and pension funds), which will allow you to obtain the best mortgage loans on the market. Who is best suited to represent you and request a mortgage than former bankers ?


Whether you want to assess your purchase potential before looking for a property or get a mortgage loan to buy a specific property you have found, we are at your disposal to discuss about it.


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