Only 37.5% of swiss residents are homeowners. The main reason for that low number stems from the difficulty to come up with the necessary funds when it comes to the down payment.


Here are a few tips that could help you find a solution :

Help from a family member

A family member could potentially extract cash from the equity in their home by increasing their mortgage loan, and put that cash at your disposal through a dontation or a family loan


Do it yourself !

If you can justify to the lender that you will do all or some of the renovation work in the property you are buying, this will be considered as part of your down payment


Tax deductible 3rd pillar plan

Contributing to a tax deductible 3rd pillar will reduce your annual taxes, and thereby, will increase your saving capacity. In most cases, opt for a banking tax deductible 3rd pillar, when in the process of acquiring the down payment


Your employer could potentially loan you cash. This would need to be explored.


Existing land

If you are already the owner of the land you’d like to build your property on, its value will be considered as part of the down payment


A flexible lender

Depending on your income, a few mortgage providers will be willing to finance your acquisition, with as little as 10% as a down payment


Family investment portfolio

If a family member has an investment portfolio, she/he could pledge it to obtain a loan, and put that cash at your disposal through a donation or family loan

Pension fund (LPP)

Instead of withdrawing your pension funds, you could pledge them, in order to keep your retirement plan intact, and avoid paying any taxes on the withdrawing

You might also be interested to look at some mortgage loans alternative models.


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