Choosing your mortgage broker

Below, the important elements to consider when choosing your mortgage broker :


Is she/he totally neutral ?

Some brokers work for entities that belong to large groups (mostly, insurance companies or real estate agencies). Make sure that this will not have a negative effect on her/his neutrality.


Does she/he solely focus on mortgage loans, or brokers multiple fields ?

At Hypo21 SA, we strongly believe in specialization and being an industry expert. Can a broker offering to take care of your mortgage, your investment portfolio, as well as your car insurance be as sharp as needed when it comes to establishing the best mortgage strategy ?



No matter how competent a mortgage broker is, she/he will need a diverse network of partners in order to ensure optimum results.


Is she/he transparent about her/his earnings ?

Mortgage providers as well as insurance companies can be more or less « generous » regarding their commission systems. Again, make sure that this will not have a negative effect on the broker neutrality.


The human aspect

You most certainly didnt need to read this article to learn it, but the feeling you have with the broker will play an important role in your final decision.


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